Girls Recruiting Camp Testimonials

Out of all the recruiting camps and tournaments I attended, Elite 180 was the most valuable. I attended both the summer before my junior year and my senior year which allowed me to interact with many different coaches early on in the process.  I met my current college coach at Elite 180 when she coached my team for one of the scrimmages and was able to experience first hand her passion for the game.  I instantly was convinced that my current school was where I wanted to be someday. In addition to interacting with college coaches, I loved having the opportunity to meet some of the current college players at these schools. These interactions helped me define the kind of team I wanted to be a part of. I wouldn’t be where I am today had I not gone to Elite 180.

Karly Simpson, ’17 Trinity College


Elite 180 was definitely the most worthwhile and insightful camp I attended during my recruiting process. Being able to scrimmage for a majority of the camp and work with so many different college lacrosse coaches allowed the players to get to know the coaches and get a feel for each coach’s coaching style and program. The night meetings were extremely helpful in letting us know what to do during the recruiting process regarding emailing coaches, applications, essay topics and the overall application process. At this camp I experienced my present coach’s  hands on and passionate coaching style which led me to pursue the college I now attend, and I could not be happier!

Laurel Pascal ’16 Middlebury College


Elite 180 provides an excellent opportunity to play at a highly competitive level.  It also provided me with great insight into Division III lacrosse, as well as the recruiting and application process.  I found the experience to be extremely beneficial and strongly recommend participating to anyone interested in playing lacrosse at the next level.

Sam Weinstein, Williams 10′, NESCAC Women’s Lacrosse Rookie of the Year

Elite 180 was probably the best camp that I’ve been to.  Not only did the coaches see us play, but they also gave lots of helpful tips on recruiting and the whole recruiting process.  One of my favorite parts about the camp, however, was the fact that the coaches did just let us play.  While many other camps had us do drills or stations, we scrimmaged for most of the camp.  Going to the camp we all knew how to play lacrosse and just wanted to get into our flow on the field.  While on goal may have been to learn from college plyers and improve, my main goal was to get some looks from college coaches.  Sine we were assigned to only one team, we could form better connections with our teammates, and show more than just individual strengths.  Lastly, I enjoyed this camp most because i ended up meeting my present coach, Missy Foote.  If I hadn’t gone to Elite 180 I would not have seriously pursued Middlebury as an option. , and I am so glad i did!

Margared Souther, Middlebury College 13′