Boys Recruiting Camp Staff

Elite 180 has compiled one of the best academic college coaching staffs in the country.  Each coach is involved in coaching their individual team while assisting them with skill development and learning more about each individual player.  Players at the Elite 180 camp have the opportunity for “individual time” with coaches to discuss their interest in a specific school.

The Elite 180 Staff:

Oberlin- Topher Grossman

Tufts- Casey D’ Annolfo

Williams- George McCormack

Vassar- Marc Graham

Trinity- Brian Praetorius

Hamilton- Scott Barnard

Kenyon- Drew Bowers

Swarthmore- Warren Danenza

Bowdoin- Max Silberlicht

Bates- Charlie Fay

RPI- Jim Townsend

Middlebury- Dave Campbell

Guilford- Tom Carmean

Conn. College- Kevin Frank

Washington & Lee- Eric Koch

Colby- Guy Van Arsdale

Wheaton- Derek Marshall